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How to Know When to Repair vs Replace Your Roof

October 18, 2023 // 5-minutes read

Roofs are the foundation of our homes. They are what protects us from Mother Nature and it is something that we all rely on.

Unfortunately, there may come a day when your roof sees significant damage. In this situation, you may think about replacing your roof.

However, this is not a cheap investment. The average roof replacement costs over $9,000. If you are hesitant to replace your roof, another option you have is repairing your roof.

How do you decide whether to repair or replace your roof? What are the benefits of each?

This guide will answer those questions and more.

Roof Age

aged roof of house against sky

The first factor that you should consider is how old your roof is. If you are a new homeowner or your house is very old, this may be something you have to do your research on.

Those that are not sure how old their roof is may have to look up public records about the house and see if any roof repair companies show up with permits involving your home. From there, you can get a better idea of your roof’s age.

Once you determine how old your roof is, it is time to start thinking about how much longer it will last. You should expect a roof to last at least 20 years. However, depending on the material used and the quality of the job, some roofs can last up to 50 years.

Regardless, see which lifespan fits your home. Then, determine if your roof is pushing that line. If it is, it may be time to start thinking about replacing your roof.

Type of Damage

Another thing you need to consider is what type of damage you have on your roof. Depending on what damage is on your roof, you may have no choice but to replace it.

For example, let’s say a tornado came through your area, and as a result, a big hole formed in the middle of your roof. There would likely be no saving that and as a result, you would have to replace it.

Or, you could have a leak in your upstairs bathroom coming from your roof, but it is not an issue in any other room of your house. In that situation, the problem is likely just a minor one in a small part of your roof, so you could stick to a simple repair.

Assess the damage and see what types of repairs would be required.

Cost of Repairs

When it comes to roofs, they can work like cars when it is time to get a new one. By this, we mean that cars reach a point in their service life where it costs more to keep fixing it than the car is worth. Well, this can happen with roofs too.

As mentioned above, a brand new roof could cost a homeowner over $9,000. However, they could have damage on their roof that is so significant that it may cost close to $9,000 just to get it fixed.

In that situation, a homeowner will likely deem the roof to be not worth saving and just switch it out for a brand new one.

Location of the Damage

damaged roof before replacement

Something else that you should consider is where the damage to your roof is. Are you just missing a few shingles? Do you have a small hole in the corner of your roof?

With those types of damages, it could be easier to justify a simple fix. However, what if you have a big hole in the middle of your roof? What if the damage is in the foundation of your roof?

In those situations, it would likely be a lot more difficult and a lot more exhausting to try to save your roof. Where the damage is on your roof can determine how easy of a fix it is going to be.

How Long You Are Living There

Finally, you will want to consider how long you are going to live in the home. Depending on how long this is, it may make it worth going in a certain direction.

Let’s say that you just started a young family and moved to this home to be closer to a full-time job. All of a sudden, you are told that there is significant damage to your roof that would be a major repair.

In that situation, you are likely going to be more committed to your home because you just started the next chapter of your life in that home. That may make somebody more likely to spend the money on a brand new roof that will last until their children grow up and beyond.

Or, you could be in a scenario where you are getting ready to move in a month or two and you do not have time to supervise a major repair. At that point, you may lean towards doing some minor repairs just to keep the roof together.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Whether you want to repair or replace your roof should depend on a few factors. You need to look at the age of the roof to see how long it has left in its lifespan. Also, think about how long you are going to live in the home to determine if spending the extra money on your roof is a good investment.

Then, keep certain things in mind such as the location of the damage, type of damage, and the cost of repairs.

Do you want to know more? Get a roof replacement estimate here.

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