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9 Must Try Restaurants To Eat At In Pensacola, FL

November 29, 2023 // 6-minutes read

Pensacola, Florida, is a location well known for many local cuisines. The region is a foodie heaven, and you would be best placed to check out some of the eateries in the area. Although, with so many options, what are some of the best meals in Pensacola for someone looking to have a great meal?

  • Seafood? 🦀
  • Steak? 🥩
  • Irish Food? ☘
  • Soul food? 🌽
  • Italian? 🍕

This article will offer several local restaurant options for you to go on a night out soon. As you read up on each one, think about if it suits your mood, or if you want to put it in your back pocket for a later date.

1. The Fish House

close up to shrimp dish

Grits, grits, and more grits. That is what this location is known for, but that is not all it does.

The Fish House has traded on its signature grits for a long time, and many people come down here for them. Still, they are great at many kinds of seafood too, and the whole place offers that little bit of paradise with each dish.

I was a huge fan of the pecan-crusted shrimp. I could eat it all day if they let me.

2. Jackson’s Steakhouse

When you hear somewhere is both sophisticated and offers Southern food, it is going to be one of the region’s high-quality restaurants. The steakhouse has a wide range of different meats, as the name suggests, but also offers good options outside of steak. I would recommend you pick up a charcuterie board and start your evening with a little bit of everything.

3. Global Grill

If you are in the mood for fine dining, the global grill lives up to its name by offering well-presented meats from the world over. Surrounded by a classy atmosphere and elegant decor, it is the perfect location for an anniversary or expensive date.

As a cheese fan, I took to their Robust Global Cheeses like a duck to water. After this, their New York Strip was cooked to perfection and had me excited to return.

4. McGuire’s Irish Pub

glasses of beers on countertop

This location feels like the opposite of the Global Grill. It is more of a gastropub and evokes only one specific country. Still, if you want a stiff drink alongside smaller servings, this is the place to go.

They have some wonderful cuisine from the area around Ireland, such as Shepherd’s Pie or Bread Pudding. So tuck in and pick up a pint of your favorite ale.

5. Dharma Blue

This location was a lot more low-key than many of the other options on this list. Their food was not made to be filling, but delicious, and it shows.

We saw many solo eaters here, suggesting the location was good for people with busy schedules or who just want the ambiance. Though regardless of the other diners, we had a wonderful meal. The sushi was fresh, and the service was among the friendliest in the region.

6. The Grand Marlin

seafood pn table at a restaurant

As another high-class dining option, The Grand Marlin excels at not being too pretentious. As it sits on the beach, you will look around and see many people who are not wearing what you would expect for the type of food it serves.

Despite this juxtaposition, the location feels willing to give you excellent service and food to match. No matter how you start your meal, we recommend the “The Grand Marlin” Praline Basket. This ice cream dish finished off an otherwise excellent meal with a little taste of decadence.

7. Five Sisters Blues Café

Finding an eatery that bases its ambiance on a specific kind of music is always fun, as well as rare. Although more exist in places like Florida, the location explains why, as it provides a lesson in blues and black history in the region.

After learning, pick up some of the food and drink inside while you discuss what you now know. Speaking of food, the “Make it a Meal” option felt like something that should exist in every restaurant. We chose four different sides each and turned them into meals, and now we want this option no matter where we eat.

8. Union Public House

As another Southern food eatery and pub, you always want to think you can find something unique in each one. The Union Public House does not disappoint. They switch out the beef in their “Sloppy Joes” with wild boar, and have a Chimichurri swordfish that exudes little more than pure flavor.

9. Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille

As a carb-centric option, expect to be filled to the brim upon leaving this place. With pizzas, flatbreads, and batter-based dishes you cannot help but want more.

As a fan of strong flavors, I was drawn to the Tender Blue Flatbread. Not only did it have blue cheese, but steak strips and caramelized mushrooms that melted in the mouth.

Another option we all loved was the Blackened Mahi Reuben. This seafood sandwich used hand-crafted sauerkraut to enhance the dish beyond what I expected. So, if you think that cabbage-based ingredients add to the food experience, go for it.

10. Angelena’s Ristorante Italiano

woman serving the pizza in restaurant

Whenever a place combines local and regional food, I get excited. Here, the mix of Southern options with Italian traditional classics means you will always have something to write home about.

If you want the Devil Went Down pizza, sporting Calabrian chili, you will find it has no equal. Another option to try is the Chianti-Braised Boneless Short Rib, which offered unique flavors I still have not found elsewhere. Although be aware that what we had might not be on the menu tomorrow, as they tend to cook with what ingredients they can source that day.

The Best Restaurants in Pensacola Are Just the Start

Pensacola has many places to eat, but did you know the location also has a vibrant history? You can visit many restaurants in Pensacola and check out some of the local tours too. Maybe you will learn a little more about the location even if you have lived here for many years.

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