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7 Must Have Roofing Tools Recommended By The Pros

August 9, 2023 // 5-minutes read

It may surprise you to learn that typical homes in the US cost $334,000 as of 2023. Owning a home comes with plenty of benefits, but it also comes with many responsibilities.

Taking care of the different parts of your home is something you can’t overlook. This is especially true when it comes to roof maintenance.

To maintain your roof properly, you’ll need to use the right roofing tools. This will help you:

  • Avoid accidents 🤕
  • Get better results 📈
  • Learn new skills 🤓
  • Improve property value 💸

We’ve put together a list of some of the best roofing equipment that you can purchase. Let’s get started.

1. Air Compressors

roofing air compressor

Air compressors are one of the most valuable tools you can get. However, you can only get utility out of one if you choose the right size.

You should also keep in mind that air compressors are meant to be used with nail guns. The right size option will depend on the nail gun you use.

Bigger guns require bigger compressors. Otherwise, you can’t use the nail gun appropriately.

2. Nail Guns

If there was only one tool (other than a compressor) that you could use, it would be a nail gun. It’s so much more efficient than a hammer that it’s not even worth considering a hammer as an alternative. A high-quality nail gun can dramatically increase how fast you work on your roof.

Those with a bit of experience in this area can nail shingles down exponentially faster than somebody doing it by hand. Just make sure you read the manual so you know how it works.

3. Roofing Ladders

Unless you plan on climbing the tree next to your house, you’re going to need a ladder.

Not just any ladder will do, though. You’ll need a roofing ladder. These come in two primary categories:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Fiberglass

Aluminum ladders are less expensive and more maneuverable.

This also makes them less sturdy. They are also unsafe to use around powerlines or electrical features for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, fiberglass ladders are durable, resistant to electricity, and extremely strong. They are also notably heavy and expensive. Keep this info in mind so you can make the best choice.

4. Roofing Shovels

worker removing shingles with roofing shovel

Roofing shovels allow you to essentially dig pieces of the old roof out so you can replace it.

This comes in the form of stripping shingles with a notable amount of efficiency. Most people who maintain their own roofs do so in their free time, often on a weekend. Would you rather complete the job in a single afternoon, or have it take multiple weeks?

5. Fall Protection

No one plans on falling off the roof.

They might plan to jump off, but nobody plans to fall. The truth is that contingencies can strike at any time.

A huge gust of wind, for example, could blow an unsuspecting person off the top of their house. Having the right fall protection could mean the difference between whether or not you continue your roofing project that same day.

Fall protection consists of a harness, lifeline, and anchor. Read the instructions carefully so you know how to secure yourself to the roof.

That way, if you do fall, you can put yourself back up with little incident.

6. Roofing Torches

In most cases, you won’t need to use a roofing torch. When it’s required, though, it’s an invaluable tool that has few alternatives.

There are certain circumstances that require you to use an open flame. However, use extreme caution if you choose to go this route. Things can quickly go awry if you’re distracted for even a second.

The good news is that the only people who know about roofing torches also know how to use them (most of the time). In all seriousness, stay away from this tool and thus you have experience with using one.

7. Aviation Snips

Aviation snips are used to cut flashing, drip edge, and metal roofing. Having a good pair could easily dictate the rate at which your project moves.

There are many options available on the market, and it can seem overwhelming at first to make the right decision. Some snips cut straight, others cut left to right.

Others even come in the form of an attachment for an impact driver. In most cases, you can get away with using a straight-cut aviation snip.

When to Ask For Help

man sitting on the roof with roofing shovel

Many roofing maintenance tasks aren’t difficult to perform on your own. They’re also relatively safe as long as you take the appropriate precautions.

If you’re uncomfortable with handling certain responsibilities, reach out to a professional for help. They have the knowledge and tools required to take care of this obligation for you. Find someone who offers warranties, as well.

When searching for someone to hire, be sure to check with past customers have had to say.

They should have overwhelmingly positive feedback. This will help you avoid hiring someone who does a poor job or is unpleasant to work with.

You can also take a look at their past projects to see what they’re capable of. As long as you do due diligence, you find the best choice.

Don’t Overlook These Roofing Tools

Using the right roofing tools can mean the difference between whether or not you get the results you want. Consider the above information so you can make the most out of the equipment you buy!

Reach out to us today at Buckworth Roofing to see what all the hype is about. Our team is ready to handle any project you can’t tackle on your own.

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