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Types of Metal Roofs to Consider When Getting a Roof Replacement

August 2, 2023 // 5-minutes read

Metal roofs conjure up pictures of cattle barns and backyard tool sheds. But metal roofs have come a long way. Modern metal roofs are so attractive that many homeowners are now opting for them over asphalt shingles.

Plus, they last three times as long as an asphalt roof.

Metal roofs last up to 70 years. Asphalt shingles can hope for a 20-year life at the most. You have a pretty special roof if you can find one that outlives you.

As you begin your search for a metal roof, prepare yourself for options. The types of metal roofs range almost as wide as the types of asphalt shingles.

Keep reading to learn about the types of metal roofs available and why you should consider metal for your next residential roofing project.

Standing Seam vs Tuff-Rib Panels

close up to blue metal sheets on roof

Many metal roofs have a bad name because individuals don’t understand there are two types of roofing. Often, homeowners picture rusty roof panels on old barns or sheds.

But today’s modern metal roofs come in more stylish and durable panels. Two of the most common panels are standing seam or ribbed metal panels. Both of these types of metal panels hide the fasteners for a more seamless and attractive appearance.

Here in Florida, we find that Tuff-Rib panels perform better, but standing seam panels are often popular in other areas of the country.

Panels and standing seams are just one decision you need to make when you’re choosing your residential metal roof.

Types of Metal Roofs

When you look at roof options, consider the texture and color of the roof. Roofing services will have a variety of metal roof options. Here are the most common types of metal roofing options, whether you’re looking at new construction or a roof replacement.


Aluminum roofing is one of the lightest and most durable metal roofing options available. Because aluminum has minimal amounts of iron in it, aluminum is particularly resistant to rust.

Aluminum is also extremely light. It weighs as little as five pounds per square foot. Not only does its light weight make it easy to install, but it also means the roof is easier on your structure.

Finally, aluminum cools down faster than other metals and also does not heat up as quickly. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard with an aluminum roof. Metal roofs in general save on energy costs, but aluminum in particular keeps a home cooler than other metal roofing.


Though a bit more pricey, copper has become one of the more popular metal roof options. It’s durable, resisting corrosion, fire, and weather that would otherwise lessen the life of a roof. It also looks unique and beautiful compared to typical metal roofing systems.

As a whole, copper will increase your home’s curb appeal. Typically, roofing services utilize exposed fasteners and recycled materials, making it an even more appealing roofing system.

Corrugated Metal

house roof with corrugated metal and ventilation system

Corrugated metal creates a unique style for your home. Picture a rippling roof with undulating waves. Corrugated metal typically costs less than the other roofing systems mentioned thus far.

Best of all, roofing services can install corrugated metal roofing directly over an existing roof. This perk greatly reduces the cost of installation. Having a roofing company remove an old roof will cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of your roof.

Thus, you can save significant amounts of money by choosing a roof that you can install directly over your old roof.

Metal Slate Roofing

Many people are choosing metal slate roofing over other metal roofing systems. Roofing companies find them easy to install. Plus, they last for decades.

Furthermore, slate roofing is an eco-friendly, lightweight, and weather-resistant roofing. Slate is a 100 percent natural material, meaning it is one of the most eco-friendly metal roofing systems available.

Steel Roof

Steel roofing systems consist of stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized steel. Both styles resist weather wear. They also do not crack, break, erode, or mold like typical asphalt roofing.

Additionally, steel roof systems are incredibly durable, lasting as many as 70 years. Though the initial cost of a steel roof looks steep, homeowners save thousands of dollars when they consider the longevity of the roof.

Tin Roofing

Tin roofs, like other metal roofs, can boost the value of your home and property. They work especially well in humid climates as they increase the crack resistance of a home. They protect a home from intense winds and rains.

This may be why we are seeing more tin roofs in hurricane-prone and tropical areas. It also comes in at a lower price than heavy metal roofing.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is quickly becoming a common metal roof option. Zinc especially resists weather wear and tear and erosion. Its strength makes it a popular option amount metal roof lovers.

In ideal conditions, zinc metal roofing can last up to 10 decades. No wonder homeowners are turning their heads towards zinc.

Metal Meets Expectations

house roof with blue metal sheet against sky

When you need a new roof or a roof replacement, look into the different types of metal roofs. Metal lasts decades more than other roofing systems. It resists harsh weather and can increase the stability of a building and home.

At first look, many homeowners see just the price tag of a metal roof. But consider the longevity of a metal roof when you look into them. Then you’ll see why many homeowners are looking at zinc, copper, tin, and other types of metal roofs.

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