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Storm Damage Restoration

Here to restore your roof when the storm hits.

Florida is no stranger to inclement weather. From hail to extreme winds and everything in between, your roof is vulnerable to damage. Give our team a call after a major storm, and we’ll write up a detailed report that you can utilize if you choose to file a homeowners insurance claim.

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drone view of storm damaged house roof
Buckworth Roofing is dual certified by the state of Florida for your peace of mind.
before and after house roof replacement

We only provide moral and honest dealings.

There’s an entire industry called “storm chasing” where out-of-town contractors follow storms and attempt to make a quick buck off of vulnerable homeowners. But with Buckworth, you’re never contractually obligated to work with us, we never create fake damage, and we let your insurance company pay you directly.

Here’s what happens after you reach out.

On-Site Inspection

We’ll evaluate your property and write an honest project estimate.

Proposal Signed

We’ll schedule the project, order materials, and gather permits.

Work Begins

On your service date, we’ll show up on time and work efficiently.

Project Clean-Up

Our meticulous clean-up efforts will leave your property spotless.

missing shingles on the damaged house roof

Helping you stand up to future storms.

Florida weather is relentless, and you don’t want to be left scheduling home exterior repairs every year. When you hire Buckworth to restore your roof after a storm, you’ll receive the industry’s most durable materials and our detail-oriented workmanship to keep you protected for years.

Always here to answer your questions.

Will you work with a storm damage insurance claim?

Yes, we can help install new roofs for homeowners filing insurance claims. We’ll provide a quote for the project and let your insurance company pay you directly for the coverage they approve.

What are signs of roof damage?

Some of the most common indicators of roof damage include broken or missing shingles, curling shingles, algae streaks, hail dents, granule loss, rusted or loose flashing, or a sagging roof deck.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! You can make low monthly payments on your roof through our financing partner, Enhancify.

Is Buckworth fully licensed and insured?

Yes! In fact, we hold two licenses from the state of Florida. We have a Certified Residential Contractor License and a Certified Roofing License. Plus, our team is insured with workers’ compensation because we take safety seriously.

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